Mortgage Payoff Calculator

mortgage payoff calculator

Ahhhh! The dream of no mortgage. This mortgage calculator, also known as a mortgage payoff calculator can show you just that. Unfortunately, many folks are moving backwards with their mortgage and they are not paying it off, but instead re-purchasing their own home. They don't seem to understand the concept of "Live Rich Save Money". The website, along with website will allow you to understand that "homes are not for loaning, they are for living", the living really starts and continues when the home is paid off.

Mortgage Payoff Goal Calculator
This calculator will show you the additional monthly payment you will need to make on your current mortgage in order to pay it off within a specified number of years. It will also show you how much interest you will save if you make the calculated additional payment each month, from now until your mortgage is paid off.

Note: When entering your current monthly mortgage payment amount, be sure to enter only the principal and interest portion of your payment.

Enter the principal balance owed:
Enter the annual interest rate:
Enter the current monthly payment amount (principal & interest portion only):
Number of years you would like to pay off your mortgage in:
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